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Elden Ring is 10/10 and here a why!


I am not a souls player. Not by any stretch. In fact, I typically hate the whole experience. However when I seen the gameplay of Elden Ring before release I decided to pre-order it and potentially take the ‘L’ if I didn’t like it.

Background of Awesome:

The Elden Ring logo screen
Elden Ring

I have always had a love of RPG’s, and this is like no other that I have ever played. After delving into this game knowing that I would die, a lot, I came to see the beauty of the world. As I worked my way through the starter dungeon, having not died once. I realized it wasn’t going to be all that difficult for me. I was wrong.

This boss is every bit as fun as the next one!

At my first light of grace I began working my way over to where I would discover Margit. I was overwhelmed and under prepared for such an onslaught. Luckily for me, it’s an open world. So I began exploring the world and boy oh boy did I discover a lot of interesting creatures, stories, dungeons, and well, play the game and see for yourself.

Stormveil Castle Party

The PVP is a fun yet terrifying experience for someone new to the souls experience. Randomly being attacked while trying to kill a boss and getting invaded has its downsides. But it is truly defining of the souls experience. I have read many complaints about this, but they are all from people who also complain about the lack of a quest log and lack of points to exactly where you need to me.

I realized quickly that this wasn’t going to tell me what to do, or where to go. And that, is a good thing. Deviate from the path, no, make your own. The destination isn’t nearly as important as the journey to get there. This is not for the faint of heart. This is for gamers who loved the traditional old style RPG’s where they didn’t tell you where to go, you had to figure it out yourself. That’s a good thing if you ask me.

The whole experience is beautiful, the graphics are stunning, the gameplay is fun and difficult, the sounds are amazingly done, the background music is ominous yet soulful. And most importantly. It’s skill based. No matter how much you level up, no matter what gear you have equipped, if you suck, you’ll struggle.

There are amazing power leveling areas and they mean nothing if you are not good at the game. So you can grind up 200 levels and still be killed by a little guard from the starter area if you’re not paying attention or just generally suck.

It makes the experience a true, ‘get good’ experience. And that draws me in. I’ve logged over 70 hours in this game and I still haven’t finished it though I am near the end. But I have decided to explore and find and kill all the optional bosses before I go to the end.

About the Games Authors:

Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin wrote this story together and it does not disappoint.

Hidetaka Miyazaki creator of the souls franchise is at it again with this gem, Elden Ring.

George R.R. Martin lends his writing style to this dark and epic tale, Elden Ring.

I truly give this a 10/10, it’s beautiful crafted and I will be sure to rant about this on stream when I return.

Elden Ring Trailer
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