Earthbound Playthrough: III

I have progressed further in my game, and while I was very happy to arrive in Threed (which also happens to be the third sector of the game – get it?) I found that I cannot fully express my joy in it through screenshots. A lot of the Halloween atmosphere of the area is a total-sensory experience, inclusive of player agency, so even a video doesn’t really give the same feeling as playing the game.

Regardless of my complete inability to transfer my total joy to the readership, I will progress with some of my favourite screenshots and witty repartee.

As the philosopher Hilton noted, “that’s hot.”
Self-determination is a lie anyway.
Dude, yeah. There are a lot of wacky items and weapons in this game.
One of my all-time favourite adversaries in any game, novel, or reality: Master Belch. A lot of characters in videogames are fairly one-dimensional in regards to their motivations, but Belch, while clearly rooted in being disgusting, demonstrates a wide range...
I also really find his vernacular to be quite evocative. Spoiler: Belch reappears later!
t… My screenshot wasn’t in time to catch the message (I elected the “fast” messages and the game does not kid around with the speed nor let you change it once you have started), but I think you get the idea. Nice. Satan, you’re gross!
This might have something to do with the feces…
Watch out! Next he is going to ask you to take a seat on the casting couch!
Sometimes even the Lord of Darkness needs to ride on a bus. 🙁
Sometimes videogames can be too realistic…

I am progressing through the game fairly quickly, I don’t know if I will keep up the pace or not. At the very least, I can promise that I will be entering another one of my favourite sectors, so even if the readership is not enjoying this, I am.