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E-Girls are ruining my life!


Just like the title says, E-Girls are ruining my life. TikTok is full of them, weeb level is over 9000. Senpai needs to notice me, daddy. This is a common statement that I am reading/hearing on almost every single TikTok video. The worst part is, I haven’t even looked for this stuff. It just starting showing up on my ‘For You Page (FYP)’.

E-Girl ‘Jesse’ from FF7R. Take it or leave it.
Corpse Husband – E-Girls are Ruining my Life

It is funny however, my FYP is normally full of Call of Duty videos. As of late I have noticed more, and more E-Girls, full outfits, trying to make me simp hard for them, intruding into my Call of Duty Space. It didn’t take long for that to completely change my FYP into nothing but E-Girls.

I didn’t have an image for this, so I figured I’d put a nice Rey Meme in here. Its subjective.

I have spent a good measure of time trying to get around the TikTok algorithm and get back to my normal TikTok videos, but it would seem, the more I search for Call of Duty / WARZONE videos, the more intrusive the E-Girl videos become.

Mangubutt isn’t a so called E-Girl, she is just a really funny experience, so I figured I’d drop a link to her TikTok instead of giving E-Girls more attention.
Because she called me Senpai.


Last but not least, this is what this girl has to endure simply for, well, being a girl gamer. But I digress, she is funny, her vids are usually just crazy fun.

A sad fact for me was after I discovered Mangubutt (tiktoks above), it was after I stumbled across her and dropper her a follow that my FYP turned into a devastating place of E-Girls. I followed one gamer girl, and now all I get is E-Girls. But at least she actually plays the games and makes great content.

Even if they aren’t playing Call of Duty / WARZONE, they are using the hashtags associated with that genre, attempting to get the so called ‘gamer guy’ to focus on the ladies of ill-repute. Not that I am calling these women out, it is a great game plan, but frankly, I am tired of these E-Girl’s invading the gamer space. If you’re a gamer, awesome, love it, if you’re there just to advertise your OnlyFans, you need to drop out of the space. I simply don’t care for it.

This could be us, but you’re just trying to make 9.99$ a month from me on your OnlyFans.

I have a lot of love for creative people, but I simply won’t be simpin’ for you. My senpai noticed me, and I am forever grateful for that. I have a pretty awesome lady in my life. And I’d love it if TikTok took that into consideration when dropping videos at me in my FYP. Because honestly, all I do is skip those E-Girls and I carry on looking for genuine Call of Duty videos, or short comedy skits.

Needless to say, E-Girls are ruining my TikTok experience, and by proxy, my life.

She likes this picture a lot because she looks taller than me (I am sitting, she is standing).

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