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Drawn to the Sea VIII: USS Marlin

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A museum submarine almost gets floated out again. Image Source

There are millions of ships and just as many photographs of those ships. For reasons that are not clear, not even to me, I tend to spend a good deal of time looking at those photographs. For the most part, the photographs are not really interesting, but occasionally something like the above image really catches my eye. Truth be known; however, I only found that image after doing some research – I’ll get into what originally brought my attention to the T-1 Class SST-2 USS Marlin.

Pictured here earlier in her service is the “USS Marlin” outfitted as the training vessel “T-2.”

The “USS Marlin” is not, even when generously considered, an interesting vessel. It was laid down, commissioned, and served for twenty years without incident; likely owing to her primary role as a trainer. When she was decommissioned she was transported far inland to Omaha, Nebraska where she is currently installed as a museum ship at the Omaha Freedom Park.

Anyone seeking to write a riveting article about this particular ship will find it to be no small task. So, you may wonder, why is this ship so interesting?

Are these submariners?

This is the image that caught my eye. I am not intimately familiar with submarines and this image was advertised as containing submariners. The nameplate in the background is clear enough and a quick search on any given internet search engine will lead to the SST-2 USS Marlin. Another quick search will reveal that the United States Navy only permitted women to serve onboard submarines as of 2010 – so these women clearly did not serve aboard a vessel that was decommissioned in 1973.

Who is this, why is he smiling?

It turns out the service these “submariners” performed was of an entirely different nature… Using a reverse image-search turned up some not entirely unexpected results. If you are interested in seeing just what made the man above smile so wryly (and you are willing to click on an NSFW link!) you can check out the rest of the series.

For every ship with an exciting history, there are dozens more that have secret histories that are just as exciting, but may never be uncovered – partially or fully.

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