Okay, so I am a very new streamer, I don’t do it often enough to get noticed much… Yet.. But this recent change is a provacative change. Dlive is now built into Streamlabs from what I’ve read and seen via the actual DLive website.

This raises questions for me, does this mean the chat is built into the streamlabs OBS system? Are the streamlabs widgets all functional? What will happen to tidylabs?


This is a great day no matter what for this Junior Streamer, because this change will be a good change no matter what!

I am looking forward to getting home and testing this out tomorrow to see exactly what has changed!

The full article for this recent integration can be found here. If you’re a new streamer, or an existing streamer, I highly suggest you take a look at it and see if DLive is right for you! Especially now!