Completing My Gaming Setup….

As some of you may know, I stream on DLive, I am a new streamer, but it is what I like to do. I like to play games, chat with friends, and I like to think of everyone out there as a friend that I haven’t met yet. Its that positive attitude that helps me in life.

But I digress, I have been focusing on completing my deskspace for my stream. I have my PC doing its thing, capturing the streams, my Playstation 4 just moved over to my desk, and I intend to move my Xbox One over to my PC location to complete the setup.

SimmyDizzle Live Intro!

In the next few weeks I will hopefully have my third and final Monitor for my gaming setup, this will be dedicated to my Xbox One X and will be at my desk (obviously). I used to stream from my xbox to my PC using the xbox game streaming system, and then video capture my second monitor and stream that out, but I noticed that playing FPS titles such as Black Ops 4, PUBG, etc, that I would die, a lot, but if I moved over to my TV and watched it, my KD Ratio would improve greatly. I figured it was latency between them holding me back. So that is now my goal, to avoid that latentcy. But on top of that, it will put me in a position to stream everytime I game, as I will be at my whole RIG.

My final pieces remaining after this will be my green screen, which I have yet to get, and I want a new Microphone as mine is trash. But hey, I am not perfect nor rich, this change though should allow me to utilize my time that I spend gaming properly and hopefully in the next few months I’ll have it 100% completed.

For those who are in the know, they know I have been building this for a few years, I have transitioned from Mixer to Twitch to DLive, and with each transition I get more gear for my RIG, my stream has gotten better, etc, but I have fallen in love with DLive, so I intend to stick with it.

Elite controller for an elite gamer

I will be starting to look for a crew to game with soon, a crew to stream with, a crew to embark on this journey with properly. Many people who play/stream together become successful together, so I will be looking for people with the same gameplay background as me, and able to hop in and enjoy my discord and game. People who can act as mods on my chat, and people who will be with me to the top.

For those who are in the know, I play often with the Legendary gamer, Apache N4Sir, if you don’t know who this fine gentleman is just click his name or, well, let me explain. He is the world record holder for Halo 2, as in the last official player on the original servers, they had to force him off, he refused to leave, he kept his connection live and active almost 28 days after they had shut down the original servers, not allowing any new connections. There is more to it than that as well, he has been around the gaming industry for ages, as an Xbox Ambassador, as a XBox Playdates Canada member, as a video game tester in the actual industry (titles such as Guitar Hero come to mind). Basically its pretty badass.

You can check out Apache’s Instagram, here, he is intending to post content there and on his official twitter once his stream kicks off, which will also be around the end of this month, November, 2019. A lot of work has gone into this for both of us, and when we seek out more, we will put a massive call out to join us.

It looks like we will be streaming the new COD: MW title for the forseeable future, especially if the rumours are true that they are going to launch a 200 player battle royale. If they do, you’ll find us dropping all over the place, its sorta our thing.

But back to it, the stream setup, the rig, the build, the deskspace, and my time to actually stream are all dependant on a few things, but I am certain they will all come together, so keep patient out there, and if you’re interested in joining our streams and joining us, drop your gamertags in the comments below. We will be sure to get everyone hyped up.

I’ll be posting our official Discord as well when our stream goes live.