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Cold and Flu Season… Ugh


Well, it is cold and flu season, and I have one or the other. My head is pounding, my nose is running, my throat is sore, I’m coughing, and I have a fever. Basically I have the plague.

This time of year tends to hit me hard as I get older, as of writing this post I am 37 years old and I have to say, since about 31-32 years old I have been hit consistently with these bugs. Normally I wouldn’t get sick at all, but this just isn’t the case anymore.

Whats in my pocket… This old man thing is legit..

I never used to carry around kleenex with me, yet here I am with a pocket full of these handy little nose wipes. Sparing you the horrendous details, I need them to say the least.


I am not sure why I get hit so hard with these colds every year, sure I have little plague machines known as children, but even that cannot be the cause this year as neither of them are with me right now. I seemingly caught this out of nowhere and that is distressing.

My work uses communal computers, so maybe that is the case, maybe something was disgusting and didn’t wash their hands? Or perhaps the keyboards being disease factories is of itself the cause. No matter the case, here I sit, unable to breath properly, sounding like a chainsaw when I sleep.

My new best friend for sleeping….

Vicks VapoRub has become my new best friend to help me get a good nights sleep, however I cannot sleep on my back, I have to sleep on my chest so it has been super difficult and sticky to sleep. I don’t follow the rules and I apply the vapor rub to my nose. They suggest not putting it anywhere on your face but I am a risk taker I tell you. It works nicely.

I have even applied the vicks VapoRub to the bottoms of my feet. Now hear me out, aside from being super slick to walk on, this is something that people always told me to do when I was younger. I gave it a try, and it helps, I am not sure why it does, but it does. I enjoy the feeling of having it on my feet.


But I digress, the fact remains is that I am sick. This does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, despite my pleas to the gods and devils to give me a cure. Sadly I feel that I will have to wait this one out, and simply take some DayQuil or similar products to survive.

The truth be told, as I get older I find it harder and harder to fight off these bugs, but I am not that old at all, as I said, I am 37. I should be healthy enough to defeat these bugs, I don’t have any diseases, I am in pretty good health. I workout, train, do cardio, eat healthy. But still, these bugs decimate me more and more every year.

Is this the sign that I am truly getting old? Is my body weaker than it should be because of the hell I put it through when I was younger? Or does the bodies immune system just give up more and more as you get older, naturally, and it just hit me at a younger age than most?

Whatever it may be, I just want to enjoy the fresh air around me, if only I could take a proper breath of that fresh air.

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