Chennai Express… A Movie Review.

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Chennai Express is a movie starring Shah Ruhk Khan and Deepika Padukone. Two of my favourite actors from the Bollywood movie scene. This is a star crossed lovers type movie.

Shah Ruhk Khan

It starts as Shah Ruhk Khan’s character, Rahul, is tasked by his grandmother to take the ashes of his grandfather to southern India as part of a ‘ritual’, I don’t know the right words to use here as I am not Indian/Hindi. But Rahul, who has been trying to get out of the family business, decides to lie to his grandmother and not do it, he boards a train heading a town away to meet his friends and everything goes wrong.

Chennai Express is a fun movie though, the standard Bollywood things apply, singing, dancing, fight scenes, manliness beyond compare, true love, and of course, two languages I don’t speak. This movie hits me with Hindi, and Tamil. Now I am trying to learn Hindi, but it is a slow process, throwing Tamil into the mix has slowed me down. However, in India, there are over 1600 spoken languages. You read that right, 1600, so I should be somewhat thankful that this movie at least spoke the hindi in which I am working on learning.


But I digress, this movie is a beautiful story and I fell quite in love with the characters. The acting, dancing, the way the camera moved, it was all done right, sure it has the atypical Bollywood spin to it, that you don’t traditionally see in block buster Hollywood movies, but that is the joy of Bollywood movies. That is the fun, its different, and it is amazing.

I give this movie a 8 out of 10, it really is worth the watch. If you are not a fan of Bollywood movies, or you don’t like international movies, then you should put that fear or hate aside, turn this movie on, and throw on the subtitles. It takes some getting used to watching whole movies with subtitles, but it is worth the adventure.

Shah Ruhk Khan is one of India’s best actors, beloved by over 3 billion people, that isn’t even a joke, literally over 3 billion people. Shah Ruhk Khan is a household name. That is how famous this actor is, so if you want to find out why, I recommend you watch this movie, as well as his other works, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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