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Category: Ramblings

Pretty much anything I want to rant about will be here. No specific goal/motive/etc, this is just for those moments.


Welcoming NASA to the fold.

I have recently integrated two new features into the blog. The first is breaking news by NASA. When there is this news, there will be a new post about it here automatically with a link to the article. For those whom don’t know me personally, I love space, space travel, all things science. So this is something I personally love. […]


IFTTT overflowing mah blog!

So I have integrated if this then that (IFTTT) I to my blog. It takes things from other mediums and posts them here. I am currently working on cutting it’s spam down, as it is publishing some things, like when I go live streaming, multiple times. Ease forgive me while I work out the kinks, I’m just trying to expedite […]


Podcast coming soon …

So I met with my team, we are almost ready for podcast season to start. First we are going to record the podcasts and drop them on Audacity. But eventually we will be live streaming them. Currently we want to record them in advance until we get ourselves affirmed that we can take it live without the need for edits […]