I haven’t talked about myself in a while, unless you talked to me recently, then you’ve probably heard me talking about myself. Not sure why, but I do. A lot.

This is the photo that I use for literally everything.
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Tis mah birthmas!

Sorry for the terrible spelling in the title, but its my birthday and I’ll do what I want to! For this day only, and any other day I want to. Because reasons.

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Meme Stocks

Well, it was bound to happen! I’m writing about financial stuff, and no, this is not financial advice, like, at all. But with that said, lets talk about some stuff!

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Window seats are for chumps!

My window seat, that I paid for.. Lacked a window, go figure..

r/BloggingClique … My New Baby!

Okay, I know its got my picture in it, but I am working on it. I wanted to create a community for bloggers to share their content with Reddit! But more importantly like minded people on Reddit, people like myself, who enjoy reading blogs.

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