Little Stars: Earth’s starting tale

High in the sky above all the world are little stars.

                    Little stars far far away, a little far to travel in just one day.

        You cannot imagine all those little lights that you see.

            For those exist beyond the time of you and me!

Those stars so bright, and so far away probably burned out along the lights way.

    Their stories vast, and bright beyond measure.

            Telling you each one would just take forever.

    So today I’ll tell you the story of just one, and this one is the most fun.

                Spinning in the Dark, light began to spark.

    A combination of atoms rushing to fill their part.

        Sprickle, Sprackle, Frackle, Froom.

            And out of nowhere was a great big BOOM!

        Nothing was there, until there was all.  It was a big bang ya’ll!

Stars and planets, shot out of nowhere.

        And soon they were flying through the space they created.

Speeding up and slowing down, their mass was a blast.

    But this is where our story starts to pass.

            A little blue planet, formed around a sun.

                The third rock floating in space.  Its where our lives take place.

For billions of years it circled the sun, chemicals changing and forming everyone.

        Its gasses changed, and formed into air.

    And many more changes formed the land, water, and animals like bears.

It formed you and me too.

        The story of our planet is like the story of a giant flying zoo!

    Unlike every story, this one has no end, because every moment in this flying zoo

Is a brand new story to tell me and you.

        Sleep tight little one, and let this story be the first of many little ones to come

    For this story is just the beginning of so many other ones.

Little Stars: Swirling Vortex

High above the world in the dark.

        Spinning like a whirlpool in space there are.

Vortexes so strong light cannot escape.

                Intense and scary you should be wary.

    Black-holes are dark.

            Black-holes are strong.

                    Black-holes are invisible.

    And before you know it, all could be gone.

Hidden among the little stars above, Black-holes hide to gobble you up.

            Depths of space, and this is all we know,

        That the good little boys and girls should always avoid.

For a dark end awaits for those whom ignore.

            Heed this warning if you travel in space.

    Avoid the area’s where light will not grace.

Little Stars: Amazing Ball of Light

What an amazing ball of light.

            Up in the sky so bright.

    Shimmering and shining throughout the day.

                And at night its friends come out to play.

They sparkle and shine all the time.

        Whether you see them or not is all about the time.

    Certain stars glow year round.

            While others appear when we have reached certain spins round.

The darkness that looms out in space, gets brightened up with each stars grace.

        Beautiful and bright, each star defines the amazingness of each night.


A moment, a feeling, it set me reeling.

A song of wind bursting through turbines fast

The smell of people, motor oil, and gas

The revving of the engines and off we go

The speed so intense, it’s incredible

Lifting from the earth and peering down below

Mankind truly made something so unforgettable

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