Flying through the sky

This wraps up an exciting few days for me. No streaming, but lots of flying. Let’s talk about that.

Blue Skies, and no gray water. Cuz I’m flying over land!

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22 Times Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Attempted to be Human

All of these were found on 4chan although I imagine that they can be found on twitter, knowyourmeme, and/or that other site as well. Anyway, don’t laugh at these or you will find that a billionaire has licensed your internal organs and sold them to a phở joint in Hanoi.

15 Vintage Christmas Cards to get you in the Christmas Spirit

Some people don’t like when the Yuletide season “starts too early” but well, you are going to have to deal with it, because it is the best season and earlier is always better!

If you are one of those stick-in-the-muds that gets annoyed with a pre-December Christmas showing, well, these vintage cards (and my patented snarky comments) are sure to get you in the mood! …and if you are already in the mood, add another shot to your egg-nog and lets get these m-f’ing halls DECKED y’all!

Oh boy. I didn’t know that my present-wrapping style is a classic technique! Look at this mess, it just needs some random bits of Scotch tape sticking out to be perfect!
Santa…are you, hitch-hiking? Did Mrs. Claus throw you out for getting a little too friendly with an elf? Well, you still have a smile on your face, good luck on your journey with that suitcase…
Oh yeah, one of my favourite types of Santa Claus, “Santa with a Pipe.” Just what is in that pipe my dude? I see that “knowing tap” on the nose, Merry Blazemas!
Oh yeah, look at this! If the pipe Santa above wasn’t good enough, check out this Santa Claus sippin’ from a solid gold pimp cup! Look at that delicate pinky raise, the glaze on the eyes, and whatever beverage he has is straight fire, look at that smoke!
Sometimes the gift-delivery game is a harsh mistress; here we see Santa Claus eschew his traditional red garments for the winter woodland disruptive green camouflage.Get ready for some Metal Gear styled tactical gift insertion!
Santa, on a donkey? Well, it is more common than you think! If you are Italian-American you may have heard of “Dominic The Donkey” and if haven’t, get ready for his song to be your new favourite Christmas Song; you’re welcome.
Yeah man, I don’t know, but this short ultra-patriotic American Santa is exactly what I picture when I close my eyes and think of Christmas. …or maybe not, but he’s cool in his own sad-faced way.
Yes! Do you know what that mystery sphere is? It is a Christmas Pudding, which happens to be a booze-soaked cake. Oh baby, it looks tasty and that happy Santa looks like he is going to far exceed his daily recommended calorie intake with that bad boy!
Torch, wooden shoes, is this the Netherlands Sinterklaas? Actually no, because that’s art by Jenny Nystrom who is Swedish and a legend of Christmas Art. Maybe it is a good thing, there are a few contentious issues with Dutch Christmas…
I was just in such a Jenny Nystrom mood I decide to have another one her pieces, look here is Santa with his traditional Christmas Goat?! Just like with the donkey, reindeer aren’t always the default!
…and hey, sometimes Santa doesn’t have any animal/s and has to haul everything himself, look at this intrepid Santa with his ladder!
here come dat boi! o shit waddup!*
When your reindeer are MIA you have to adapt and overcome!
Behold, Santa Wizard! Look at his Christmas Tree Staff, Wizard Cowl, and his elite Uruk-Hai followers! A new power is rising!
Blue?! I guess Santa Claus learned to fly with the Air Force, because he is reppin’ the traditional colour of the flyboys. Ad astra!
OH F*CK! Santa has had enough of our shit! Looks like we will be “giving” the gifts to Santa this year… …or else! A fat .38 and a finger on the trigger, better just do what he says!

I hope you are feeling more festive now, and if not, I don’t care!

*yes I know it is a penny farthing and not a unicycle
all images public domain from wikimedia commons or publicdomainpictures

2020 & COVID19 Strike Back! Meme Edition!

I would be a silly Billy if I didn’t say this year has been something kind of special. And when it comes to special, we have to go all out, right people?

So without anymore waiting, here are the latest, and greatest memes about 2020, and the on-going COVID-19 pandemic! Now these are just my favourites, there are lots out there to choose from, but right now, these are the ones that make me giggle the most. So lets do this!


Why can't you just be normal?

Who would of thought that this meme would of made it so far into the pandemic? Nobody, yet here we are!


You get the toilet paper!

Sometimes, these memes just write themselves don’t they? Sure it has been a while since toilet paper has been scarce, but this still makes me giggle.


Looking outside

I am 100% willing to bet most people start there day with doing this, or a modified form of this to start their day in 2020. I mean, lets be real here, 2020 has certainly been an ‘interesting’ year.



Ordering pizza, hell, anything in 2020 is an experience. I haven’t seen the delivery guy since March, but my stuff always arrives in a timely manner and is left on the porch.



Its different, and true

Nobody could of been meme’d better in this situation than the wonderful Terry Crews. Also, its not wrong.


2020 be like

I couldn’t feel more for this picture if I tried. 2020 sure has us all holding on for dear life.


2020 vs llama

If there is ever a time where a Disney character cannot be used to convey the apocalypse, then we are truly at our end of days, nay, our Doomsday.


Undercooked bat

One, single, bat. That is all it took to cripple the worlds economy, and crush our health care systems world wide. This spits fire, and truth. That goes to show you just how fragile our world and society truly is.



This meme gets the Trekkie in me, big time! I am proud of this meme, because I can actually see this happening in the world of Trek.


You're sick!

This joke has been going since the start. But I 100% feel this. I had to stop drinking Corona because people didn’t realize when I said I had Corona that I wasn’t talking about the silly virus.


I cannot leave you like this, without one, more, thing. So here it is, my new favourite song since the Pandemic started!

Lowkey F2020!

Straight up, the latest 2020 memes worth lolling at!

NASA -A New View of Jupiter’s Storms- September 17, 2020

A unique and exciting detail of Hubble’s snapshot appears at mid-northern latitudes as a bright, white, stretched-out storm traveling around the planet at 350 miles per hour. via NASA September 17, 2020