Canadian Thanksgiving?

Is there a big difference between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving? Find out!

Are you as confused as this turkey? I mean, if you are, you might be having a stroke, this is actually a pretty simple concept…

Is there a big difference between Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving? I mean, not really, but there are probably “purists” that have a strong opinion on the matter, arguing with their opponent from the other camp about which one came first or is the “truer” holiday.

Yeah, I don’t know about that. All I want to do is write about a day wherein I eat too much (which is almost everyday, but this one is special). For any American reading this, maybe you can spot some differences; maybe you are going to wonder why there are differences at all.

Anyway, this is going to be a largely comparative article, enjoy! …or don’t!

The Reason

Never, not once in my entire life have I seen a cornucopia/horn of plenty that wasn’t somehow directly linked to Thanksgiving and/or the Fruit of the Loom Mandela Effect.

The history of the holiday in Canada is tied to Arctic exploration and basically how a group of English explorers were pretty stoked that they didn’t freeze to death in the Arctic Ocean. …or maybe it was tied to some French explorers? …wait, it was citizens of Halifax! …perhaps it was a tradition brought from America to Canada after the American Revolution..?

Likely, the tradition is a combination of all of these inspirations. All of that considered, there is a lot of influence from the USA due to their overwhelming globo-cultural hegemony (and the fact that the celebrations are pretty similar). So anyway, the reason for the holiday is giving thanks but you know, for different stuff at different times.

The Date

Technically the Prime Minster is invited to every Thanksgiving Dinner in the country. This is 100% true.

The date is the only significant difference between Thanksgiving in Canada and in America. In Canada, the holiday takes place on the second Monday in October, which if you are an American should be a familiar date, since it is Columbus Day (although based on recent protests, I bet this Columbus Day might be more memorable for the rest of the world). The date in Canada was only fixed in place in 1957, it occurred at various other points of time before that, and was largely put in October to avoid overlap with Remembrance Day that occurs on 11 November (or Veteran’s Day, if you are in the USA).

Now, in the USA Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, which usually segues into a four-day weekend with the Friday in between American Thanksgiving and the weekend being Black Friday. Well, in Canada Black Friday has only recently cropped up, but it is made up for on Boxing Day, sort of.

Oh yeah, it might be worth mentioning that in Canada, it is only an optional holiday for some provinces. Oops. Four-day weekend in the USA, uh, “nice day” in (some parts of) Canada…

The Food

Yeah, as interesting as it would be, this is not a typical Canadian Thanksgiving meal.
If you think this is a typical Canadian Thanksgiving meal, well, you are way fucking cooler than I will ever be and I have to wonder why you are even wasting your time reading this article?

Here is where the differences in between Canada and America melt away. The focus of the holiday is on a feast which is, in both countries, centred around main dish of roast turkey. To make it a proper feast, there are usually lots of side dishes, usually of the autumnal variety: squash, potato, roast vegetables, gravy, and cranberry sauce. A selection of casseroles tend to be more popular in the USA, green-bean casserole, sweet potato with marshamllow. Desserts tend towards being the same, apple pie, pumpkin pie – a notable Canadian difference being the inclusion of Nanaimo bars.

Another notable exception is the Newfoundland tradition of a Jigg’s dinner, but they are always unique.

The Sports

I mean, say what you like about JT, but he is photogenic and makes for some great pictures. …or maybe I am wrong.

There is a big tradition in both countries to have sporting events broadcast during the holiday; however, it is a much bigger deal in the USA and several major league sports have special games (in non-pandemic years); while in Canada the sole special event is the Thanksgiving Day Classic of Canadian Football.

Is That It?

Yeah, pretty much. There are some parades and some school activities, but for the most part Thanksgiving, in Canada, is just another long weekend.

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fried green tomatoes

Not just a movie, but an actual food!

Fried green tomatoes are a staple in my household, I enjoy them, and I eat them fresh from my garden multiple times a year. This is a very happy thing for me.

Just a tomato

We start out by putting our sliced green tomato into a frying pan with some light olive oil, don’t use that vegetable stuff, use olive oil, trust me.

The tomatoes start to take a delicious form.

When they start to darken, get a little crispy, that is when you have to flip them. You don’t want them to get too crispy, but you don’t want them undercooked.

Fried green tomatoes are best served with some eggs.

Salt the fried green tomatoes to taste and enjoy. Trust me, this recipe takes roughly 5 minutes to do right, and is delicious, a great way to start your day.

All you need is a green tomato, some olive oil, and salt. Enjoy!

Tandoori Chicken

When chicken is being cooked, it’s best to cook the best! and this, this is the best.

When it comes to dinner time, I like to think my favourite food is chicken, of any sort. But as of late I have really come around to tandoori chicken.

Tandoori chicken is simply what I love to cook when it comes to chicken. It used to always be BBQ chicken, but now, now it’s all tandoori.

What you’ll need for this recipe.

  • Chicken drumsticks – 8-12
  • Tandoori masala – as much as it takes
  • Garlic – 2-3 small cloves
  • Ginger – a small nub (not too much)
  • Cilantro – half a bunch
  • Tomato – x1
  • Salt – to taste (use what you personally need)
  • Tumeric – half a teaspoon
  • Green pepper – 1 whole
  • Onion – 1 whole
  • Thai chili peppers – as many as you need
  • Crushed chili flakes – 1 tablespoon
  • Curry – 2 tablespoons

This recipe takes about 45 minutes in the over, prep time is about 15 minutes. Make sure you preheat to 375. Some ovens don’t hit the right temperature so make sure the chicken is thawed before cooking, and keep an eye on it as you may need to remove it.

I will always recommend taking the chicken out half way and rotating them in the container you’re cooking them in. For me, I use Corning Ware. But rotating half way is a good indication if your chicken will be done on time.

Let’s begin…

Chicken, remove the skin to begin!
Slice the chicken a few times, let the tandoori seep deep into it. Trust me, this is KEY to a good tandoori chicken.
The hell is this? Tomato? You’re a wild man!
Chop that tomato up!
Green pepper? Now I know you’re joking!
Chop that bad-boy up!!
A bunch of cilantro…
Chop the cilantro up too! It deserves to be chopped!!
Onions have layers!! I have layers!! I am an onion!
Chop that onion up!
Now we get to the fun part. Depending your spice tolerance, chose a few Thai chili peppers of your liking. Unlike spicy things, so I use lots.
Chop them up too boo!!
Make sure you have chili peppers, tandoori masala, salt, curry, and a little bit of tumeric (literally a little bit. Tumeric makes things bitter so don’t put too much in)
Add all your veggies to the chicken. Sprinkle some olive oil on your veggies/chicken.
Now add your spices. This might look like a lot, but once it’s mixed, you’ll probably want to add more, especially the tandoori masala. But sparing at first. But be ready to add more, even after cooking has started.
Mix it all together with your hands… Yes they will turn red so if you want, use gloves. As you’re handling raw chicken, make sure you wash up appropriately.
After cooking at 375 for 45 minutes in the oven, your tandoori chicken should look like this. I like my tandoori chicken saucy so I can add more sauce to my chicken, or on my sides.
Plate and enjoy.

Chicken is meant to be eaten IMHO, but if you’re a vegan, or vegetarian, you can use this recipe on tofu or some other veggie based food and enjoy a nice flavourful tandoori experience. But it’s best on chicken.

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada Eh!

A beautiful, Thanksgiving to be had by all! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Turkey dinner

Everything from scratch. Cranberries, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and sweet potato mashed.

This is what the dinner should be like. Delicious and beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from my family to yours.

Homemade stuffing
Sweet potato mash
Regular mashed potatoes
A nice white wine

I am forever thankful for my two happy and healthy children, for my wonderful career, for the woman whom holds my heart, for the patience she has with me. And most importantly.. I am thankful for fast cars. #InsertFastAndFuriousMusicHere

Joking aside, turkey dinner is a staple of Thanksgiving, and I am happy to partake in it every year. And I am blessed to say that I can. As I know many out there cannot. I am grateful.

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It’s not much, but it is a start for the home gym. Since I lost all my gym equipment in the fire, it had to happen because living so far away from a gym is terrible. So I am starting small as it is cost effective and will start getting bigger and better equipment as time goes on. Goals to have dumbbells up to 45lbs by August. And hopefully a bench as well. But for now I got yoga gear and light weights and a pullup system. Wish me luck! #gym #homegym #dumbbells #yoga #thightoner #kettlebell #gymlife #fitnesslife #fit4life #itsastart #Hashtag #SimmyDizzle #yogamat #yogablock #tensionbands #bands #fitnessbands #yogaball #ballislife has a better set. But I’ll catch up. Weights were my thing first 😛 #BrotherWeightWar #FunTimesAhead #LetsDoThis @maclawa don’t be mean!!! Its a start for the replacement home gym. via Instagram
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