Canada Votes

It is that time, it is voting season. The average Canadian aged 18 to 37 needs to get out and vote. For the first time in Canadian history, millenials outweigh the baby boomers. Your opinion matters, get out there and vote.

With that being said, vote and enjoy, no matter what is to come I suspect we will, as Canadians, be in a whirlwind next few years.

Check out the link below if you are interested in seeing the stats!

Voting is integral to a democracy, it is something that we should pride ourselves in doing when the option arises for us. Whether you know who you are voting for will win or lose, do not say to yourself, “Oh we will win” or “Or we will lose anyway”, vote, you never know how things will go, and that is important. If everyone who said those two statements above actually went out and voted, the results at the polling stations would be significantly different.

If you haven’t already hit the advanced polls, try and hit the ones right now, your vote matters, it counts, it makes a difference.