Call of Duty: Warzone Leaked Map – Ural Mountains

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Update: tweets with videos of gameplay in the new engine are gone. And the full map has been removed via DMCA. I will continue to look for more information on this. But it looks like Activision is actively removing the pictures/videos/links to content.

So it has come to pass, a map and gameplay have leaked from an unreleased COD. Whether this is from in-game from say, WARZONE, or from within Cold War engine, I am not sure, but the video looked absolutely lit. The video was smooth, clean, crisp, and it showed the Blackout UI, modernized by the looks of it, as well as a massive map.

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First and foremost, this link here, is not where I got my news, but instead, on Tiktok. However, the video appears to now be gone, much like the twitter post about the leak.

Allegedly Blackout 2 map.

I have not been able to find much, but this is the leaked ‘map’ so far.

Apparently this was for Blackout 2, which I guess got cancelled due to the success of Warzone. I am keeping an eye on the situation with regards to this. But I for one, loved Blackout, I loved customizing my weapon, finding everything I needed to play. Not just rush for a loadout, no classes. It was a different kind of experience.

So if there is a Blackout 2 in the works, I will keep my eyes out for it, and hopefully we will be able to will it into existence, because it deserves to exist.

If I find more video of gameplay kicking around, I’ll edit this post and link it, as well as post an update that it has indeed, been updated to include it. So hopefully, stay tuned!

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