Bhoot Police (2021) – A movie review

You’ve all heard of the Ghost Busters right? Well Bhoot Police is a funny Hindi tale of two brothers who inherited their fathers business as a spiritualist that banishes spirits.

Bhoot Police (Bhoot meaning ghost)

As I’ve said many of times before I love myself some Hindi movies. And this movie simply does not disappoint. Seriously, this movie had me in stitches for a horror comedy.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this movie is. Now as some of you may know my girlfriend is Nepali and a staple in our home is Hindi movies. So much so that I signed us up for hotstar. And well I am beyond happy with that decision. This movie is an absolute gem.

Saif Ali Khan sells his role in this as the brother who does not believe in the spirits and is simply a con artist looking for his next pay. As the movie progresses it takes a wild turn.

From people dressing up as Stree to Kichkandi, and faking possessions, to the real deal. Not to mention a scene with a goat that’ll literally have you dying with laughter. This simply does not disappoint.

Bhoot Police official trailer

I don’t want to rate this movie, but I will, 10/10. Absolute gem. I am going to watch is again soon. It’s so good. I implore you to watch this movie. Throw on the subtitles if you don’t normally watch international films, and enjoy. It is a thrill ride.

Now I love Saif Ali Khan in just about everything he has done, but this has to be one of the best, in my opinion this mix of horror and comedy was a perfect, sublime, balance. It just got all the times right, from start to finish and it left me laughing and cheering for the heroes.

If you’ve seen it, leave a comment about your favourite part!