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Baconator Pringles: Review & Thoughts

Look at these!

Maybe you don’t know very much about me, in fact, in all likelihood, you barely know anything about me, a largely anonymous blogger. Well, here is some exposition: I love tie-ins. Almost any kind of tie-in or crossover really gets my motor running. I am not simply referring to food-based tie-ins (although those are the best), really, any time two established franchises/organizations/brands decide to come together and make some kind of amalgamation, it is something that I find, at least, interesting. Whatever. It was enough to get my attention and I purchased a tube at my local grocer.

Now, focusing more on the tie-in at hand, Wendy’s Baconator Pringles. Lately, “unique” potato chip flavours seem to be en vogue and I suppose burger-flavoured Pringles aren’t even that unique of an occurrence. Anyway. This tube cost about the same as an actual Baconator, which (especially considering the minuscule 156 gram package) puts them in the “luxury” side of the chip market.

The important part, how do these taste? Well, they taste smoky. I guess bacon is known to be smoky, but there is also a meaty component to it (duh…) that these chips lack, there is also the whole bun/burger/cheese/mayonnaise/ketchup combination that is missing. It is impossible to say that these chips, in any way, convey the description of the Baconator:

A half-pound* of hot n’ juicy beef, melted cheese, 6 slices of crispy Applewood smoked bacon, ketchup, and mayo. Carnivores rejoice!

*Approximate weight before cooking.

I knew going in, and I think most rational people would also know, that it would be impossible to faithfully duplicate a hamburger in potato chip form, so I really can’t judge these too harshly.

Overall, I will say that I enjoyed them, even if they did leave my breath smelling like liquid smoke for several hours after eating only a few of the chips. That being noted, I can’t foresee a future in which I buy another tube of these unless they were on an incredibly steep price reduction.

Master and student.

Well, I was thinking (and talking) about the Baconator Pringles so much that I decide to go and get an actual Baconator to do a true side-by-side comparison. Eating them like this, it becomes incredibly clear that the chips taste nothing like the real thing, the smoky baconesque flavour of the Pringles is absolutely nothing like the actual bacon on the Baconator and is not even a pale glimpse at the Baconator as a whole.

After having done the side-by-side, I am not going to change my mind too much on them. I will not deny that I enjoyed eating the Pringles, but there is a huge gulf to cross to even say that they have a taste approximating an actual Baconator.

Overall Rating:
Wendy’s Baconator Pringles
– – Flavour: 3 / 5
– – True to Source: .5 / 5
– – – Total: 3.5 / 10 – not super, but not inedible

Try them for yourself, if you dare, and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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