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Backday October 19 2019


There are times in the gym where you have to be goofy, where you need to smile, laugh, and take a selfie, I’ll admit it, you HAVE to at times. And I always try to, because when you are lifting heavy assed things, you need to have a little bit of beast, and a little bit of joy. That is how you build the monster within.

Me and my little bitch Smitty.

We hit the gym hard, I tend to be a little bit more of a monster than those I train at the gym.

Yeah, beast…

When it comes to lifting weights, I go all out, and I train those whom mean the world to me in the gym.

Weaksauce and myself.

Once all the goofy photos are done being taken, we get straight down to business. And that business, is Back Day! Lets get to it!

  • Deadlift (Bar)
  • Deadlift (farmers)
  • Single-arm bent over rows (max weight to lightweight, because hell yeah)
  • Rope Pull (Face)
  • Lat pulldown

All sets are 5 sets, all sets increase weight per set, except single-arm bent over rows, for those we go from max to least, and as many sets as it takes. If your max is 75lbs, then you pull 75lbs, and work your way down until your pulling 5lbs. Each set is of 8-12 reps, yup, it’ll suck nicely.

Once all these are done, if you still have time, then it is time for burners. And as always, burners are for 3 sets max per exercise, and a max of 10 reps, of light weight. These are done to just maximize your time in the gym. If you have an hour and the main routine takes you 45 minutes, then those last 15 minutes should be burners.

All my routines are designed to take 45 minutes, so the burners should only be done if you have time, or if you are done with enough time to do them.

With that said, on to the burners.

  • Seated Shoulder press
  • Pushups
  • Tricep Dips

These muscle groups are not the same ones worked during the back day routine, so they should have energy. Enjoy this routine, its a doozy.

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