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Amber Heard as told by Memes, Part 2.

On the bed!

I’m not saying Johnny Depp is innocent, I’m just saying Amber Heard is not innocent. And as such I have decided to highlight this by the voice of the people. That voice of course, is that of memes! This has been a long time coming, well, at least since the last Amber Heard meme dump that is. So lets shall!


I am a man of many talents, and one of those talents is collecting memes. Luckily for you, I am capable of sharing the memes! Because reasons!

Pirates of the Pooped Bed
For those not in the know, Ezra Miller is currently being more destructive to Hawaii than the volcanos there.
The internet does like to bury peoples careers when they get caught lying.
Happy Hour is anytime, Johnny Depp is correct.
Johnny Depp needs our help! Lets rescue this man!
Oh man, this guy absolutely killed it, he ain’t wrong!

Tweet Tweet

Twitter is full of gems, but these are some of my favourites. I should probably link more than I have, but I just cannot bring myself to go find them again. Too busy laughing at the ones I already got!

Amber Heard Gif
Accurate statement about Amber Heard.
The internet is always quick to sort out the liars. Liar Liar!
I won’t be trying to change his mind, not at all!

Memes Continued!

Apparently Amber Heard’s body language is not that of a domestic violence survivor, but that of a liar. Court TV reports.

High Class meme if I’ve ever seen one!
This is a movie I’d watch. I have two ex-wives, I can relate!
If this isn’t the best use of this meme, then I don’t know what is!
By the end of this, she will.
Johnny Depp deserved so much better than the shit she gave him.
Its quite funny that Amber Heards own lawyer is hurting their own case. Love to see it!
I would 100% watch Johnny Depp as Mera. 10/10, would fap again!
If this conversation doesn’t happen at Disney HQ than I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.
I ugly laughed when I seen this meme.
This is exactly what I thought of when Amber Heards lawyer objected to his own question.
This was the coldest thing a company could do, and they did it. Absolutely love it!


You know you are doing things right when TikTok gets in on the fun. That is exactly what is happening here. I found a few Johnny Depp related TikToks in my ‘For You Page (FYP)’. They are just grand and I couldn’t help but post them here for your enjoyment.

This is a work of art!

The rest of my collection… For now.

This is the rest of my collection of Amber Heard memes for now. That does not mean I won’t be looking for more or stumbling across others. In fact, I’ll probably start collecting more as soon as this blog is posted. And as I should, gotta keep up the content train for you guys.

Its true!
21 Jump Street is where I first seen Johnny Depp, feels like 30 years ago. (Because it was)
Literally any one of these would be better than Amber Heard.
He finally passed primary school!
Johnny Depp should get a Cameo on Better Call Saul as a old friend lawyer so they can decimate a DV case.
I’m watching Johnny, I’m supporting! All the love!
Jesus, 87 recordings of him being attacked by her. Wild times!
The petition has over 3 million supporters, and Amber Heards total time in Aqua Man 2 has been reduced to 10 minutes. Its still too much.
I too would remember.
The Joker ain’t wrong here, but give it time, by the end of the trial she will be done.


Domestic violence (DV) is not funny, but these memes are. Johnny Depp has a sense of humour and I am sure he gets a kick out of a lot of the memes he sees. If you are easily offended by these memes you should 100% not read the part one to this thread. Because its hilarious and you’d probably be offended or something. However if the memes here didn’t get you to chuckle but you like memes, do feel free to check out the entire collection of memes here.


100% unrelated to the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial, but I have all my parts for my computer rebuild. That means my stream will come back online in the near future. (if it isn’t already back by the time you’re reading this). Maybe we can discuss the trial, memes, and more live on stream.

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