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Alec Baldwin, pro death actor meme dump.


Let’s start this off with a bang, like my hero, Alec Baldwin. True story here, I love this actor, like for years he acted like he wasn’t about to murder people with a prop gun.

Now I know I’m pushing it here, but as we all know I like to push the envelope. Like that time I posted memes about my favourite basket ball players last shot he took at a side of a mountain.

Dark humour has to be the perfect shot, luckily Alec Baldwin is my RSO (Range Safety Officer), and he’s never missed a shot, just like Kobe.

This kind of humour is always fun, dark humour is great. It’s sad that someone had to die for the dark humour to exist, sure, but look at all the joy Alec Baldwin brought to the internet.

Now Alec Baldwin is known for his hatred of guns, but what he hasn’t been well know for is his passion for killing, until now.

It’s almost as if these jokes write themselves at this point in time, but you know what, I stand behind Alec Baldwin.

Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Kobe would be proud.

I mean, far too accurate to be a storm trooper either…

Truly though, Alec Baldwin is truly an anti-gun guy, and I think he’s gone a little too far doing his part

Honestly every moment where Alec Baldwin is out there is another moment for these jokes to write themselves.

It’s important to note that he didn’t check the firearm when he received it. And your job when handling firearms is to do just that, to check them and clear them first. Not just to start blasting.

I feel for the families of those hurt, I truly so. But you gotta understand, for people like me, dark humour is a way to deal with the world as a whole. For nearly 40 years it has been my joy to spread dark humour. The same way Alec Baldwin spreads fear about firearms.

I wonder how long it’ll take for him to blame the gun and not take any responsibility. As I said above its his job to ensure the weapon is cleared properly.

Now, my brother and other people have told me this is not funny, and it’s too dark, but I don’t believe it’s dark at all. Not nearly as dark as the Black Mamba memes I was sharing.

It’s funny because it’s true..

This movie rust is already making a killing and it isn’t even done production.

Alec Baldwin is the worst thing to happen to production crew members.

All in all, the Baldwin family will be best known for this incident and for nothing else. Honestly I had forgotten they existed after Canada Bombed the Baldwin’s in the South Park movie (arguably the best movie ever made). And to be fair, it was the best work for the Baldwin’s.

Be safe out there folks, you never know where the Baldwin’s are lurking.

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