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AIO Cooler, the time has come!


Well, the time has come for me to delve back into my roots and build a computer. Well, rebuild that is, all my parts are here and I finally had the time to adventure forth through the upgrade. With no major or minor hiccups the computer is ready to go.

The Guts
The Guts of my computer

Parts a go go?

After my AIO cooler died I had to order a new one, and with that I ordered some additional parts to go along with said cooler. It took a hot minute as Amazon decided to not ship my entire order at once, but it all finally arrived.

I quickly delved into the tare down of my PC and started pulling out the broken AIO cooler and preparing my build as I would have to adjust where everything was running.

Ram Cooler

The first part to be thrust into the computer was the RAM cooler, this ended up taking a little more finesse to get in place than expected, but I knew it had to go in before the AIO cooler due to positioning.

This was my test Layout before my old AIO cooler came out.

AIO Cooler

Getting the AIO cooler into position was a little more vexing than I wanted it to be, but I knew I had to get it in just right and ensure the RAM cooler was good to go in the process. I want my stream to be next level as per usual. So it starts with ensuring that every possible step taken is a successful one. This is a very important thing since I was streaming a lot and loving it and had to quit for a while, and when I wanted to return my PC was dead. So the wait to return was hinged upon replacing the AIO cooler.

The replacement AIO cooler.

With this in hand, the rebuild was at hand and I was beyond ready to cast off like a ship into the vast open seas of computer rebuild. I could finally undergo everything and build. So I did.

Last Fan

After the AIO cooler was finished being installed, I had one final fan to place into my PC. It was quick, uneventful and honestly, a beautiful sight to see.

The final view of the PC.

With the last fan in place, I decided I was ready to re-plug it all in and attempt to boot it up. Fear held me back a moment so I double checked all my connections and tightened all the bolts one last time. And proceeded to go through the adventure of re-connecting all the wires.

Yes, I know my GFX card appears on an angle, I need a support for it (coming soon).

Moment of truth

It was the moment of truth, I clicked all the wires into place, pushed all the cables aside, turned on the power-supply’s power, then hit the juice on the computer. Such majesty has never been seen in this house before. And it was a welcome moment.

She is alive!

She lights up nice, the moment of truth came and gone quickly. And it was well worth it, the computer is running 20 degrees cooler than it was before. The whole computer feels faster to be honest. Overheating really does make the system sluggish. I’ll know this for next time when the UFO powered computer starts over heating, it’ll turn sluggish.

Back into her spot, and ready.


So when will I return to streaming? Well, as early as this Monday! May 9th, 2022 the stream will go live barring anything terrible happening between now and then! I don’t have an exact time, it’ll be a short stream to test everything out, a few hours at best. But it will be a stream. The grand return is happening and I am so very excited to be on Facebook Gaming. I have to get my Level Up status back, but that won’t take long.

I hope I get to see everyone there for the grand return to streaming!

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