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Adsense, Google, and Me!


A long, long time ago, I had a website, I was promoting a text based online video game called CombatMUD. (Source will be released on here soon, or at least the github link will be provided) However, once I shared my site on facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc, all the social media’s, my friends and family thought it would be good to click the ads for me, ya know, to boost income. Obviously, this resulted in my account being blocked by Google.

It has been many years since this incident occurred but Google will not turn over on their decision despite my pleas to get my AdSense account back. And to be honest, I completely understand their reasoning behind this. Ad boosting (clicking) for the sake of making money for someone is bad, as it does not result in those ads being meaningful. So basically, while my family and friends were trying to help, in-fact, they had done me dirty.

AdSense Logo

Recently, I attempted to get the account unlocked, I followed all their directions, populated all the fields, apologized for what was done. But I was still denied.

AdSense Denial Email

Thanks for the additional information provided in your appeal, we 
appreciate your continued interest in the AdSense program. After thoroughly 
reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into consideration, 
our specialists have confirmed that we’re unable to reinstate your AdSense 

I somehow feel as if this denial from there is a cut-and-paste reply or an automated decision. This denial was crushing, I was hoping that we could move past this incident and allow me to enjoy a strong and prosperous future within the internet space.


So how can I progress, knowing Google will not allow ads? Well, for one, I signed up for WordAds from WordPress. Which is already serving ads on my site. Now I know what you’re thinking, this guy wants money, hell yes I do. But that is besides the point. I want the product I serve to mean something, and the time and effort I put into it, I want it to reflect in a positive revenue stream. Additionally I am looking at alternatives to AdSense, sadly there isn’t much out there that doesn’t do something negative or highjack mouse clicks and what-not. I don’t want that stuff, I want, true, honest, ads, that will be relevant to my end-users.

I have setup a donation/subscribe page as well, any collected funds here directly effects my ability to continue to work on this site, improve the content, more stories, poems, news, fitness posts, gaming reviews/etc. I love writing, sure my grammar isn’t the best at times, but when I get in a flow I just roll with it. I am sure there are those reading who know exactly what I mean by this.

Mind you, donations are completely optional, subscriptions are completely optional, I will continue to post content, even if nobody is looking. But these will help me find the time to actually work towards posting more often.

This is not a plea for your clicks or to subscribe though, not at all, in fact, I discourage clicking the ads unless you find something meaningful for yourself to actually find a desite to click on. And as for subscribing or donating, well, I appreciate all efforts made, they are not required. But they help.

SimmyDizzle is a hard working man, with the intent to retire from his go-no-where job, after 14+ years of loyal dedicated service, the man has learned a few things and has decided that his time is best spent elsewhere, persuing what he loves, this website is a stepping stone to that goal; and it is a journey that I welcome you all to join me on.

SimmyDizzle before heading into a thankless job..

At the hayday for my other website, I seen an average of 200$ a month in ad revenue from non-google sources, which was great, I switched to Google AdSense because of its raw power and the reach that is Google. But still, nearly 8 years later, I experience a block because family tried to help me out. As such, I will forever be stuck using alternatives to Google. And that hurts.

With that said, a word of caution to you, if you use Google AdSense, if you notice an abnormal amount of clicks for your site, report it to google immediately, full network logs, ip addresses, etc, anything that seems suspicious, or else you will end up like me, handsome and without AdSense.

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