Month: May 2022

Bright AF

AIO Cooler, the time has come!

Well, the time has come for me to delve back into my roots and build a computer. Well, rebuild that is, all my parts are

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Running Playlist: Synthwave

You rev your actuators in anticipation while the nanoscale accumulators in your muscles prepare to convert lactic acid into stored energy for your synthetic second

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On the bed!

Amber Heard as told by Memes, Part 2.

I’m not saying Johnny Depp is innocent, I’m just saying Amber Heard is not innocent. And as such I have decided to highlight this by the voice of the people. That voice of course, is that of memes! This has been a long time coming, well, at least since the last Amber Heard meme dump that is. So lets shall!

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Over 9000

Stream Rebuild

I recently announced that I would be returning to streaming, and I said it would be soon. Like, within the next week. That post was

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