Omicron Variant.. A story told by memes.

We all know and love COVID-19 memes right? No? Oh well, how about memes about the like 98.99% survivability? Nah, omicron memes it is!

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Open letter to the purged people from my life.

So a while back I cut a flurry of people out of my life. I straight up banned them from all my social medias, removed them from my gaming platforms and simply dropped all contact. Were you one of them?

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Unapologetically in love with WARFRAME.

This is an open love letter to the game WARFRAME. Of which I have been dedicating most of my non-streaming time to playing. That is right, when I’m not streaming, I’ve been playing WARFRAME!

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Y’all got any more of them memes?

So here comes the memes!

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Time Commando!

Time Commando sounds like a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from the early 1990’s. And it wouldn’t be too far off if it was indeed a movie. This was an action packed game that just kept me super duper entertained.

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