Rebirth Island

Recently I have been back at the Call of Duty sensation known as WARZONE. And while I have been playing I tend to stick to Rebirth Island. Ya know, because reasons.

The warzone
Rebirth Island is ‘Special’.

I got the unique experience of not being able to see pretty much *anything* on the map. As it was full of bright lights. This obviously happened while I was on stream and it made for a completely unplayable experience. I did manage to get some kills, but it was outstandingly terrible.


I’m not one to complain too much about glitches in games, but this one really kicked me in the jewels to say the least. It absolutely tanked the experience. Albeit it was hilarious too. And I have encountered it several times playing both before and after the mid-season update for WARZONE. (Season 4). The fact of the matter is, this glitch is funny. Annoying, but funny.

You can see the full stream here:

Full Gameplay of the broken Rebirth Island

Does this mean I am done with WARZONE? Hell no! I hate the game, but I also love it. I am always wondering what they will do next to this game and I hope they fix it up before XDefiant drops. While XDefiant is not a Battle Royale, it is however a new Arena Shooter by Ubisoft, free to play, in the Tom Clancy universe. So think of it like, Team Death Match but with Rainbow Six gunplay. But I digress, this is about WARZONE. (Although I think XDefiant has the means to compete with it, but that is a topic for another blog.)

Ultimately WARZONE has and always will have terrible glitches, but sometimes it makes it more fun. With the stagnant maps and pastels palette they used to colour the game, sometimes glitches just stand out to make the game more entertaining.

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