Baconator Pringles: Review & Thoughts

Look at these!

Maybe you don’t know very much about me, in fact, in all likelihood, you barely know anything about me, a largely anonymous blogger. Well, here is some exposition: I love tie-ins. Almost any kind of tie-in or crossover really gets my motor running. I am not simply referring to food-based tie-ins (although those are the best), really, any time two established franchises/organizations/brands decide to come together and make some kind of amalgamation, it is something that I find, at least, interesting. Whatever. It was enough to get my attention and I purchased a tube at my local grocer.

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TikTok Fail?

Recently I have taken to publishing videos on TikTok, I know, what am I, 12? But no seriously, I have. I’ve put some old videos from Byte onto TikTok, as well as some gaming videos of mine. And this has been a fun experiencing, I’ve watched my videos, and quite thoroughly enjoyed them being there. Small yet fun videos. And honestly, I’ve lost way too many hours in TikTok watching Warzone Clips. So why the fail?

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Facebook Gaming vs SimmyDizzle

Well, you seen it here first folks, that is, if you haven’t followed my Facebook Gaming page yet that is. I have moved from Twitch over to Facebook Gaming. This was a hard decision to make made easy by Twitch changing its policies and literally sending out an email that said they will limit the freedom of expression on their platform.

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