Xbox Live Gold, The great price reversion of 2021!

So, apparently the internet didn’t take the hike in cost of Xbox Live Gold so well. It would appear the internet bullied a massive, multibillion dollar corporation into caving in and restoring the old prices.

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Xbox Live Gold, The great price hike of 2021!

So I guess Microsoft, and Xbox have decided to bring the live gold prices to a whole new level.

What this means is the cost of gaming on Xbox goes up. Free games, such as Fortnite will require you to pay to play on this service, at an even higher rate. This itself is a serious issue that will drive people away.

For the past year Xbox has worked hard to foster good-will after the debacle known as the Xbox One. And this change could in fact, wash away all that good-will that they have in fact, earned. Twitter is already a buzz with hate for this new change. Rightfully so. I am in full agreement with this as an Xbox gamer this looks like an attack on people still using Xbox Live Gold, as this pricing is closer to that of Gamepass, and that makes the Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscription even more of a deal. Thus driving the Gamepass service.


This is truly an interesting development from Xbox, on top of that, today, none of the higher-up people from Xbox, like Phil Spencer, (@XBoxP3) have spoken out on twitter to defend this change. It would seem they are avoiding the discussion while they come to terms with what they have just done, which is screw over the gamers and the new love the platform has been receiving.

In recent months there has been rumour that Xbox Live Gold would be removed in favour of gamepass, it would seem this rumour has been squashed. Xbox appears to of kicked themselves in the proverbial dick today.

Xbox needs to move beyond the pay-to-play online mentality, they want to improve the network capability, which is why we pay for the ‘online’ capability. But this is 2021, gaming on PC, is free, even when I am playing video games on my Xbox Series X, I am using discord on my PC to voice chat with people. I don’t put myself through the Xbox network. I understand financially the reason for the costs, however the pay to play / use online features is a kick in the dick in 2021. They should of found a new way to monetize their network by now. This is a clear sign that they are not thinking outside the box when it comes to furthering their network, which is sad.

Image Courtesy of Eurogamer.

As you can see, the Xbox dashboard contains advertisements for products (namely the elite series 2 controller in this picture). They profit from every digital sale, every subscription, this is an interesting mechanism for growth, as they are monetizing their console, advertising their own store, and all products sold through it. This alone should be more than enough profit for them to keep their network running, and running well.

And when I say subscriptions, I am not referring to gold, but to gamepass, ea access, and gamepass ultimate. Gold subscriptions themselves seem at this point in time, out of place. The network touts a very profitable source of income for Microsoft.

As a consumer, this appears to simply be greed and an attack on the gamers who utilize their plastic boxes. But from the Xbox/Microsoft business perspective, this probably covers the cost of inflation as it has been years upon years since they increased the rate. However, increasing the rate during a global pandemic almost seems counter intuitive as people are out of work as is. This makes it incredibly difficult for people to prioritize gaming over anything else, and with the increase, means less people will utilize this service.

Whatever the case may be for Microsoft to increase the rate, only time will tell if this has a long standing negative impact on the bottom line of Xbox’s profit margins. Only time will tell, but my bet is that this was done to drive sales of Gamepass Ultimate, and I am sticking to that. Prove me wrong Xbox, do something with this additional cost, make it public, tell us what the true driving matter behind this decision was.

Am I Haunted?

So, my girlfriend told me that when I am not home, the sleep she has is amazing. However when I am home, there is a dark, foreboding feeling in the air. Surely I do not feel this, but she does. Apparently, there is an air of darkness around me. For those whom know me, know I am an easy going person, no issues with just about anything. I am kind, gentle, loving. But my girlfriend, well, she says I am clearly haunted; and well, I think she may be right.

Let us rewind a bit in my life, and I’ll tell you of all the really weird, outright otherworldly things that have transpired to draw the conclusion, that yes, I am indeed, haunted. Be prepared for a whirlwind ride here; I assure you, you won’t want to miss a single bit of it.


1982-1986, The first haunting

The first home I lived in was a dark and brooding home of random, crazy events, but why haunted? Well, let me tell you. Lets go with this.

This world is a dark one, and I started off experiencing darkness. It is known that some children suffer from night terrors. Screaming, frantically at night, unable to settle down. Mine came with me every night, staring into the corner of my room, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It freaked my mother out, every night, I would wake screaming, staring at the corner. The same corner.

But that wasn’t my only experience of darkness in this home.

Some experiences were different, so lets lay it down for you. We kept having things go missing from our house. As this housing was a military house, many people had lived there before us, we figured someone still had a key, and was coming in and stealing from us.

One day, my parents bought fresh dishwasher detergent, and like always, it was placed on top of the dishwasher. We went out in the back yard, for maybe 20-30 minutes to play. When we returned into the house, it was gone. My dad being military police, figured someone still had a key and the housing agency hadn’t changed the locks. Someone had clearly used the key and came into the house and taken our stuff. Since this wasn’t the first time someone went missing, my dad decided to get the locks replaced.

Broken Lock Tumblers

The housing agency replaced the locks, we confirmed they were working, and within 2 hours, both the front doors locks, and the back doors locks, were broken. Housing came and restored the old locks, because simply, our locks were destroyed. But by what? Nobody was there, we were in the house, and the doors were unlocked. So how did they break? Nobody knows.

To make things a little more weird, my brother and I would often eat in the basement with our Pound Puppy TV Trays.

After we were done eating, we would place our trays under the couch. This was a normal routine for us. For my brother though, he would put his favourite book on top of his tray. The night before Christmas. It was always on his tray. One day, it was simply gone. Not there, my parents pulled the couch out, lifted it, moved it, the book was just, well, gone. Another stolen item? But who steals a childs book, from under a couch, between breakfast, and lunch, while a whole family is home? Certainly a question to be asked. But it was simply gone.

The weird things kept adding up, my night terrors, disappearing items, what else could possibly happen? Well, bringing up my dad again, he would fall backwards down the stairs, while going up the stairs. He would often say, it felt like he was pushed, but would come up with some excuse for why and how it happened. Much like the windows we had in the bathroom, that would open themselves. My dad would always say something about air pressure causing the window (the old slider style, that slides up to open), would simply open itself due to change in air pressure. As a child, I believed him, as an adult. I don’t know.

But yet, there is even more, one day, shortly after the locks were broken and replaced, we left the house to buy more detergent for the dishwasher. As ours was well, stolen, missing, gone. When we got home, we found our stereo turned on, blaring louder than you could imagine, and the detergent that was missing, was clearly, on top of the dishwasher. Exactly where it was before it was taken. The box, still unopened. Now, we had two.

One of the last thins to happen before we moved though is truly the weirdest. One day, my mother was cleaning the basement, and a glint caught her eye, she got down onto the floor, and picked up a ring. A black, opal, ring. She said until the day she died, that it was a gift from the ghost of the house. Weirdly enough, the same day the opal ring appeared, my brothers Christmas book also reappeared on his TV Tray.

These random events happened continually between 1982 and 1986. We moved when I was 4, in 1986. After we moved, we learned that the person who lived in the house before us, had hung himself in the basement and the house had been empty for 5 years before we moved in.

But, does that mean the house is haunted, and not me? Lets continue down this road.


1986-1992, What the hell?

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, there were significantly less ‘hauntings’ and random things. My father stopped falling down stairs backwards, windows stopped opening, items stopped going missing, my night terrors, for the most part, stopped, for the most part that is. But I will touch on that shortly.

Whenever I would go to my grandparents house during this timeframe, my night terrors would return. Significantly different than in our first house as a family. But what had changed in this timeframe? What could possibly of been different? Well, the answer is, after we moved, my mom filled out house with angels, statues, prayer


1992-1995, The cold frontier

During this time, another military posting, we moved to a place called Goose Bay, Labrador. It was a cold and unforgiving atmosphere. And most of our possessions remained in storage. Including a large quantity of angels. My night terrors persisted, without the screaming of a young child. Just dark dreams. And in the dark, I would see faces, you heard me, faces, I thought it was my fears as a child playing tricks on me. And it very well could of been. They would appear far more often in the basement.

Further to that, nothing bad appeared to be happening to my family any more, only me. The demons of my sleep were all consuming. Sleep, well, wasn’t an option. I’d close my eyes and the terrors would begin.

These continued for well, my entire life, so I won’t bare to talk of them further. I believe I nailed that home.


1996-Present (2021)

Weird things continue to happen around me, from missing items, to night terrors. But, they simple hadn’t effected other people in my life after my first house. However; a recent event has made us wonder if I am haunted.

One night, about 6 months ago, my girlfriend was sleeping, I was gone to work for a midnight shift, she woke up, being choked as she describes it. The room was dark, cold, nobody else was there, but she describes the feeling as if two hands were wrapped around her neck, choking her out.

It would seem, the demon that haunts me, couldn’t find me and accosted her instead. Many times throughout my life I awoke unable to breath. As if being choked. But until this was told to me by her, I had never thought anything of it. I just figured I had sleep apnea or something. But the description she gave was all too familiar. All too scary. My demon, effecting those around me.

The dark, cold, feeling, the empty feeling, but yet, not alone, the words she used to describe it, put fear into me. What if, I am in fact, haunted. What if, the corner I stared into as a child, was me looking at the demon, looking at me? What if, it follows me in every walk of life?

Surely you must be wondering if I am off my rocker by this. I assure you, I am not.

The other day, she poised the idea that I was haunted, because she knows I cannot sleep, night terrors still plague my nights, she told me that I am clearly haunted. And I am starting to believe I am.

You decide if you think I am haunted, I feel as if I am. Evil, dark things are ever present in my life. Only one things is consistent in my life, that a dark entity has latched itself to my spirit, or perhaps, it is my very spirit. But the darkness plagues my life, and others, others are starting to see it.

22 Times Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Attempted to be Human

All of these were found on 4chan although I imagine that they can be found on twitter, knowyourmeme, and/or that other site as well. Anyway, don’t laugh at these or you will find that a billionaire has licensed your internal organs and sold them to a phở joint in Hanoi.

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