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Every now and then I toy with the idea of charging for content, but then I remember, people don’t want to pay to read!

So here we are, premium content is coming! But it isn’t just premium content, this is content related to my game-dev cycle. And with that said, I wouldn’t make this article if there wasn’t something to present.

Chapter 1: The story

Visibly shaken, he turned around. The creatures poured out of the walls, hulking monsters, black, moist, walking horrors of the abyss. As he eyed the monstrous creatures up and down, fear was all that he could feel throughout his body. Clutching his weapon, he readied himself for the onslaught, combat would soon commence.

Chapter 2: What to expect

This is an adaptive game, I am working to build a JRPG, with some VERY unique elements for the game, things that you wouldn’t quite expect for the atypical JRPG. This game is being built in GameMaker Studio. I am looking to build this game for Mobile first, iOS and Android. Once the first few elements are ready, I will be posting videos of the gameplay, and screenshots. I am sorry they are not available yet. As this is something that has newly taken shape in the SimmyDizzle household.

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