Hands on with the Elite Series 2 XBox Controller.

So I’ve sat down and played with the new Xbox Elite Controller, the Series 2 of it to be exact. This controller does not disappoint! Its easy to get used to, comfortable, a solid grip, all around enjoyable. Of all the gaming controllers I have had over the years, this one certainly takes the cake as the best controller I have ever had.

The controller is somewhat smaller than the original Elite controller, however it feels more comfortable in the hands. It seems like it is somewhat lighter than the original as well.

So where to begin in the changes from the original Elite to the Series 2, well, I’ll start with the hair triggers, the hair triggers now have 3 settings, and they are worth exploring as a FPS player. I did a few rounds of Modern Warfare to test them out and I am quite proud to announce that they were amazing to adjust.


There are many options of adjustments for the Elite Series 2, including the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the control sticks. This is a physical adjustment, as the Series 2 controller comes with a special tool to adjust their sensitivity. Additionally to this, you can continue to adjust further inside of the controller settings in the accessories app on your xbox one.

Further to this, you still have the 4 buttons on the back that are adjustable as well through the accessories app. These ‘buttons’ or ‘tabs’ or whatever you want to call them are smaller than the previous version and they feel a lot more natural in the Series 2 controller.

To amplify the awesomeness that is the Elite Series 2 controller is the fact that there is a 40 hour battery built right into the controller itself, and further to that, the controllers case is actually a docking station (charging station). So when you put the controller away, it starts charging if you’ve got your docking station all setup. It is 100% a nice addition that I didn’t see coming at all, but a very welcome bonus.

It is weird to think that this controller, its weight, its simple adjustability would turn an average gamer like myself into somewhat of a more pro gamer. This has taken my gaming to the next level, and I will continue to adjust the controller and find the settings that fit my gameplay style best.

Finally; the last thing I’d like to talk about is the controller profiles. In the original Elite controller there were only 2 profiles you could use, which is fine if you only have a few small games you play, or similar layouts, or you have a custom set of driving buttons for a game that align with your other racing games, ya know, simple things like that. However, the Series 2 has a third profile, and this may not sound like much, but this to me is a huge benefit as I play 3 games and I like to tweak their controls slightly.


If you are interested in upping your game, you can pick up an Elite Series 2 controller here. If you’ve already got an Elite Series 2 controller and you want to take your gaming to the next level even more, perhaps take a look at your monitor situation.

Fitbit Summary for November 29, 2019

This is an automated fitness tracking post from my Fitbit tracker. Please hit the comments below and let me know how I stacked up against you! Challenge me to do better, or praise me for my success! Its all motivation for continued health and fitness!

November 29, 2019
Total steps: 3673
Floors climbed: 6
Calories burned: 2776
Elevation gained: 18.29 meters
Traveled: 2.55 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 1251
Lightly active minutes: 81
Fairly active minutes: 4
Very active minutes: 24

Dangal… A Movie Review…

Dangal (Wrestler/wrestling) is a true story about a man who raised his daughters to compete at the national level after his dreams of competing in the nationals were crushed years before.

Aamir Khan about to show why he is the best Indian Actor. IMHO…

Aamir Khan stars as Mahavir Singh Phogat, a father who nearly tares his family apart to make his daughters wrestle, but in the end he raises not one, but two olympic level wrestling athletes. This is an emotional story, and based on a true story and the acting, is simply superb, Aamir delivers a truly amazing potrayal, as always his acting is simply amazing.

Fatima Sana Shaikh as Geeta Phogat.

But this movie is not about Aamir Khan, nor his character Mahavir Singh Phogat, no no, this movie is about his daughter, Geeta Phogat ( Fatima Sana Shaikh), the first Indian female to ever compete at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Where she won a gold medal, and her sister Babita Kumari ( Sanya Malhotra) won silver medal.

Throughout this movie there is a serious rise and fall of character depth and story. As the focus shifts from Father to Daughter, from Daughter to Younger Daughter, and back to Didi (eldest sister). This progression sets up for the final moments.

As this movie is based on a real life events, I cannot do my normal spoiler free, commentary, as I already spoiled it by detailing the actual events of the real-life above. But what I still say is that this movie takes a twist I didn’t know of near the end, and it got me all emotional. I truly fell in love with the characters in this movie and I felt for them. Even more so when I realized that this was based on a true life story.


These women still compete today (as of the writing of this post). I am happy that I have been exposed to this, movie, otherwise I wouldn’t of known this story at all. This is the type of story you want to tell your kids, to show them how hard work, dedication, and a parent willing to sacrifice anything can help set you up for true success in this world.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, albeit I knew it would be good as I have a thing for Aamir Khan’s movies. He doesn’t make bad movies, it just isn’t in him to do.

I give this movie a solid 9.5 out of 10. It truly hits home in great ways, makes you feel something for the characters, its full of adventure, twists, turns, great acting, the works. If you don’t speak hindi, just throw on subtitles, its worth it.Believe me. I don’t speak hindi, albeit I am learning, and I gotta say once you get used to reading the subtitles, you can barely notice it. And it is so worth it, it opens up a whole new world of film and cinema to you.

Pokémon Shield

So I recently sat down on my Nintendo Switch (Lite) for a little game action on the newly released Pokémon Shield. This adventure has me coming back to the Pokémon franchise after what feels like 20 years since I last played a true Pokémon game.

Pick your first Pokémon right here!

Now don’t get me wrong, Pokémon go was fun, I still play it with my kids, we go for walks and catch all them pocket monsters. But this is something that feels like, well, my early teen years on my Game Boy, it really has brought back that nostalgia of the earlier games.

I am happy to report that I have just completed the first mission in Pokémon Shield, and it was an absolute blast, I will continue playing this game, but so far my impression is if you have played the older Pokémon games, you’ll like this. And if you haven’t played a Pokémon game before, perhaps you should, this has been a rousing adventure so far, and I am excited to see where it goes next.


Once I have completed Shield, my friend Jeremy wants to exchange copies as he has Sword. This to me is a good chance at an exciting time. And unless I am completely wrong, these two stories should go hand in hand together and while being different adventures, somehow they should link together.

I haven’t read any spoilers on either title. Nor would I share any here. I hate spoilers. But I am loving this game so far, my first impressions I’d rate this game a solid 8.5 out of 10, we shall see when I beat the game what rating I give it then. But this has all the hallmark feelgood moments of the old days. I love it!

Fitbit Summary for November 29, 2019

This is an automated fitness tracking post from my Fitbit tracker. Please hit the comments below and let me know how I stacked up against you! Challenge me to do better, or praise me for my success! Its all motivation for continued health and fitness!

November 29, 2019
Total steps: 2587
Floors climbed: 1
Calories burned: 2562
Elevation gained: 3.05 meters
Traveled: 1.74 kilometers
Sedentary minutes: 1269
Lightly active minutes: 79
Fairly active minutes: 3
Very active minutes: 9