Backday routine #2

When it’s the second routine, it’s nothing but poutine…

405 pullin’ mofo right here.

Back-day is important. So let’s get to it.

Main Routine

  • Deadlift – Find max, one rep at a time. Once you find max, drop down to 35% of your max and rep for 10. This is the longest part of this routine.
  • Seated rows
  • Rope pull (face)
  • Lat pull down
  • Reverse flys

It is important to note all routines are 5 sets and 10 reps. Except deadlift. Which is as many sets as it takes to find max doing 1 rep at a time. Then once you find it, drop down to 35% and do 2 sets of 10. This’ll hurt a bit, but in a good way.

Seated row machine

And then we move on to our burners. As always the routine should take 45 minutes, leaving roughly 25 minutes for burners in an average hour long PT session. If you don’t have an hour then just focus on the main routine.


  • Cable crunches
  • Skull crushers (standing)
  • Pushups
Deadlifts at 35%
Lat pulldown

Take your time, enjoy, this one is going to be rough if you do it right.

Just kill it like this guy!!

Meme Dump #1

it’s all memes, dumped like a baws.

Because sometimes people need funnies.. albeit dark.

Justin Trudeau Minority Government

Elections in Canada have the country divided, a new minority government forms from the old Majority government, and we are left with what is yet to come.

Well, voting season has completed and it is a minority liberal government staring Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau and his wife

If you went out and voted and this isn’t what you wanted, well, next time tell your friends to join you.

I make no bones about it, I am not happy, nor am I sad about this election, it has been one that has divided my beautiful country, and as a result of simple bickering about non-important issues we have given rise to the return of Quebecistan and the block party. It has been a few elections since I have seen so much of QC look so very much not conservative or liberal.

Sadly personal attacks between both of the major parties gave rise to other parties chances to hold more seats. NDP, Green, Block, all had gains and I personally believe it is because of the personal attacks seen throughout the past year from both the liberals and conservatives. I may be wrong, but these things divide people.

Andrew Scheer concession speech

Despite winning the popular vote, Scheer did not win a majority government, or a minority, he remained the official opposition.

We are one nation, but the country will not stand together properly. In the house of commons, parties fight each other not because the bills / laws they are putting forward are against Canadas well being, but because they are the opposite party. Just because they are the opposition, does not mean you must oppose everything.


If our government learned that very small, fundamental thing, they would find that political wars as we have seen would simply go away and genuine progress in our government would be progress. Sure oppose something, if it is wrong, oppose it. But for the love of god people, if something will genuinesly benefit the Canadian people, fight for it, instead of fighting each other.

China’s flag, one we must respect and rebuild our relationship with to help bolster our Canadian Economy.

In this post election world, I will strive to continue to push the main issue I see with government, with social handouts, with foreign aid. We need to fix our problems at home before we help fix problems on the other side of the world. We need to fix unemployment issues here at home instead of funding people to stay home (within reason, I understand there are actually people that are not just scamming the system, who truly need the help), we need to get more Canadian jobs, fix our exports with China and other countries. We need to ensure our export industry benefits properly. We have to fix our taxation of the lower and middle class. We need a cure-all for our problems, and we simply cannot afford more taxes.

Alberta oil sands

We have to protect our environment, yet we must exploit it, we have to fund new ways to do this, Canadian ways. We must use our own resources such as oil instead of importing it from other countries. We have the largest oil refinery in the northern hemisphere, yet it refines middle eastern oil. We have a strong clean industry for oil extraction from the oil sands in Alberta, yet we depend on foreign oil and shun our own Canadian industry, killing jobs instead of creating them.

These are the problems going forward, and not even close to all of them, that I will continue to champion for a true result, a true fix for. Sure, I’m a nobody who is just writing this blog, but I still push my MP’s to take action. I still get involved in my community to do what I can towards these goals. And I vote for those that will actually champion for my shared goals.

The pride of Canada, our beautiful flag, I salute you daily.

For those upset with this election, with the standing minority government, you can pretty much expect there to be a non-confidence vote within a year and take us back to the polls. Be ready, be smart, voice your concerns to your MP’s, speak on social media, do not share fake information, you just make yourself look dumb and the party you want look dumb. Champion for your goals, your desires. And if your local MP won’t do it, perhaps its time to vote him/her/it out and take a stand for yourself. Get involved and make that difference, the one you want to see in government. Be the change.

Canada Votes

Canada Votes 2019!

It is that time, it is voting season. The average Canadian aged 18 to 37 needs to get out and vote. For the first time in Canadian history, millenials outweigh the baby boomers. Your opinion matters, get out there and vote.

With that being said, vote and enjoy, no matter what is to come I suspect we will, as Canadians, be in a whirlwind next few years.

Check out the link below if you are interested in seeing the stats!

Voting is integral to a democracy, it is something that we should pride ourselves in doing when the option arises for us. Whether you know who you are voting for will win or lose, do not say to yourself, “Oh we will win” or “Or we will lose anyway”, vote, you never know how things will go, and that is important. If everyone who said those two statements above actually went out and voted, the results at the polling stations would be significantly different.

If you haven’t already hit the advanced polls, try and hit the ones right now, your vote matters, it counts, it makes a difference.

Shoulder Day 21 October 2019

When it comes to shoulders, never skip them! Here is a solid routine!

So before I begin on this, I don’t follow the rules when it comes to lifting, there are certain exercises that they say, are well, bad for you. However I have had amazing results with them, I believe they are only bad when done improperly. So going forward, if you think these exercises should not be done, remember, its probably a bad idea, if you don’t know what you are doing.

I always get a little bit of a pump in the ole biceps, even on shoulder day!

Main routine:

  • Behind head standing shoulder press (bar)
  • In front of head standing shoulder press (bar)
  • Front raises (bar)
  • Front upright raises (bar)
  • Cable Rope Pull (face)

All of these exercises are done with whatever weight you feel comfortable with, so long as you are on the edge of your max, if by the 3rd rep it is still easy, you need more weight. 5 sets, 10 reps per set. Make’em count!

The muscle definition in the shoulders is a pretty thing!


  • Bicep curls (dumbell)
  • Kettlebell squats
  • Back extensions

As always, burners are maximum of 3 sets per exercise, and 10 reps per exercise. Burners are to occupy any time you have left. My routines are designed for 45 minutes to an hour, if you have time left over at the end of the routine, hit the burners. Else-wise, good workout!

When it comes to shoulders, I see a lot of people skip them and then wonder why they cannot bench heavier weight. Well, your shoulders, much like your core, act as a stabalizer for your chest, you need the shoulder strength to help stabalize your bench. More than one person I’ve trained has had this issue and when attacking the shoulders, we seen immediate results on the bench. Never forget shoulders.

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