#MerryChristmas and #HappyHolidays

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a great day, Merry Christmas to all!

If you are with your families, enjoy it and cherish it.  If you are without your family or don’t have a family, or simply not social, well I hope you have a Merry Christmas too! On behalf of all the people whom you do not have or want to have.

And now, for a Christmas Poem by me, SimmyDizzle!

The morning of Christmas has come too soon;
For if it were later it would be a Christmas Boon.

I wish it would be later.
I wish it would not come.
I wish it could be post-poned.

There just isn’t enough time to be ready for sun.

The light breaks through,
The snow blows around,
Its dusting up all over the ground.

The treads of the sleigh wisping away;
the only proof of Santa gone away.

The Children Creep
The Children Stir
The Children Awake

And the rest of the day is a blur.

#Fitness – The First 20lbs, my #gym success story.

20 pounds down, the first of my initial 60 pound loss!

When I started my weight loss journey I was very depressed about my weight.  I weighed in at 292lbs.  My blood pressure was crazy bad. I simply wasn’t well.  I struggled with change and fulfilling a promise to get healthy.
The struggles were very real!  Everyday was temptation for me, I’ll explain why.  You see I was drinking 12 cans of Pepsi a day. Not to mention between 4 and 8 energy drinks a day.  I was very addicted to the caffeine and the rush it gave.  I’m not blaming the drinks though. I blame myself for not having any restraint.
I knew the first thing I had to do was give up the things that were impeding my health so I cut out pop and energy drinks.  Juice, Milk, I went to straight water.  I even gave up drinking alcohol.  It was very hard as I went cold turkey. I was addicted and I had a struggle to go everyday. I still do months later. But I haven’t relapsed on it. I’ve been strong.
So back on track. When I cut the drinks out I also added a new level of fitness training to my life.  It was crazy hard but worth it.  I added in a 5km walk per day and an hour of weight training at the gym. I followed a simple 4 day routine.
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Repeat.
In 2 weeks I lost 20lbs. Crazy extreme. But that was my all diet and influx or physical training. I had a very bad diet and without those energy drinks and pop I basically cut my daily calorie intake by an exponential amount. So I had to adjust my diet more and my weight loss slowed down. But become extremely healthy there on out. 
But those first 20lbs were the beginning of the road ahead. The addiction to fitness grew. Being able to breath properly when walking up stairs. Not feeling like death anymore from doing the simplest of tasks. I’ve learned much about myself from this.

#Fitness – #ChestDay post workout ‘feelings’.

Post workout feelings this Chest Day

Table of Contents

    Those Feels

    Have you ever worked so hard towards meeting or reaching a goal that you felt sick to your stomach when there wasn’t immediate results?  I know I feel that way everytime I work chest.  It has been a very, VERY long time since I have been able to push 2 plate.  I’m getting back to it but it makes me feel a little sick knowing it is taking so long.

    When I was younger this was easier to do, I was going up 10-15lbs a month or so, no I’m lucky to go up 5 a month.  No matter how I train.  I feel that with my new training being a slower more controlled to prevent injury of this old man body of mine that the effect is taking even longer.  Of course I’d love to blame a slower training on slower gains but the truth of the matter is I need to train properly and I just don’t like things taking so long.

    I am impatient.

    I’m in my early 30’s but I feel so much worse, having had a bad go (accidents, broken limbs, and so on) it just feels as if it has taken its toll on me and I want to get my old body back sooner than later.  I know there is no easy way to make it happen.  As a young man it still took me a long time to sculpt out my body, but as an older gentleman I am finding it much harder to get back in the swing of things and getting my body back on track.

    What I’m lifting

    On chest day I tend to start out with my heaviest exercises first, wel starting with medium weight and working my way up to my heavier weights obviously, this is where I bench or chest press.  I keep this first so I am training this way with the optimal body strength.  So basically me at my best so I reduce risk of injury.  I’m not sure if this is the best way to train though.  I guess I am going to have to read some books/epubs on this so I get a better idea on what to do.

    From there though I move into fly’s, inclined press, cable cross, etc, basically all the exercises I can do to focus on the chest.  It has worked in the past to get me to bulk up chest wise, but I also need to burn more calories, as I am trying to lose weight while building more muscle, again sometimes I wish there was an easy button for this.

    #Fitness – The joys of #LegDay in the #Gym

    Probably one of the best days in the world, is Leg Day.

    Table of Contents

      The Change

      I make no bones about it, Leg Day is probably one of my favourite days if not my favourite day in the gym.  I always feel great after Leg Day, sore, exhausted, yet energised, it gives me a sense of well being.  I don’t know why but it really does change my mood, of all the days to train, whenever I train legs I find myself in almost a state of euphoria even though the metal plate in my ankle aches with each rep of each set, its almost as if it is a challenge to push harder and since I love a good challenge, I always do.

      Today I challenged myself in a good way, I kept my squats to a lower weight then usual and focused more on form then on weight.  5 sets of 10 reps, all good and healthy, not really a challenge for my weight, but the challenge was keeping proper form.  Helping to avoid injury with my lower back and knee’s by performing each squat carefully and ensuring my posture and form were correct.  That has been my goal.

      Like the squats I continued to pursue better form for all my Leg Day exercises, thus avoiding injury.  Hamstring Curls, Leg Extensions, Leg Press, all of them were better than normal.  Maintaining proper body position on the equipment helps keep my joints safe or so I am told and that is my new goal.  To keep myself healthy and improve my overall lifestyle.

      In the past I’ve been reckless with my exercises and lately I’ve been focusing more and more on avoiding injury because I just had a feeling it was coming if I kept training the way I did.  So I am quite glad I made this decision to improve my training methods by avoiding exercising in ways that could lead to injury.  So lowering the weight and performing my exercises under better control and with proper posture and form I feel has ultimately helped me avoid injury but in the long run will help me be able to go heavier and keep myself healthier.

      The Result

      The result of the changes above are quite simple, less injury, longer training times, slower improvements, but again, less injury, or chance of injury.  By removing or lowering the chance of injury I feel that I am actually making it easier and faster to train, because if I injure myself I won’t be able to train, and if I can’t train I won’t be able to improve.  So its a better scenario, a winning scenario I feel.

      I cannot fathom why it took me so long to adjust to this safer style of training, maybe it was because I was in a hurry to lose weight, or maybe its because I was simply ill informed of what could happen, but the more I look into my health and fitness.

      The more I read about training habits and appropriate ways to train and how to train, the more I realize I have been putting myself in a lot of danger and risk of injury.  So after today’s exercise being the first with this new training methodology I have to say I will adopt this into the rest of my training.  
      I feel better, but I know it will be the right way.  I will continue to research and train based on what I’ve read and keeping myself healthy first, focused on prevention of injury followed by loss of weight, and third building a nice body and form.  I’ve got a lifetime to train, so I am going to train properly and take my time and stop rushing for gains and success. I’ll get where I want to be!.

      #Fitness – 5 hundred rep #ArmDay!

      One thing my trainer and friend Mic and I enjoy doing at the gym are 5 hunnits (or 500 rep exercise).  The goal is to do 5 different exercises, but each exercise at medium weight and 100 reps per exercise.  You can do them in sets, or all at once, although if you can do them all at once (all 100 in a single set) then your simply not using enough weight.  But if you want to push through the burning, do it!

      I enjoy this exercise and I haven’t done it in a while, that is, I hadn’t done it in awhile, then yesterday happened.  I successfully completed a round of 5 hunnits at for Arm Day.  Or Armpocalypse as it should be known.  Today I can barely lift my arms and it feels great.  My muscles are sore and well, bigger.  Its why I love this. 
      The swelling won’t last long, but my arms will be slightly bigger even once the swelling goes down.  Thats truly the pump for you.  It was glorious!
      I finished off with an off arms exercise, 100 cable crunches to work on my abs. So really I did 600 reps, but thats just between you and me, 500 arms, 100 abs.  I had time for more exercises too, but unfortunately my arms had enough so I didn’t want to risk injury so I bailed on weight training and did 15 on the elliptical before hitting the shower.  It was a solid day for training.
      Tonight is Leg Day for me, and since I gym while at work (my work provides time to gym) I am going to make sure I can barely walk by the time the gym time is over.  I’m not sure what I am going to do, but I know this, my legs will be sore tomorrow!