15 Wacky Comic Book Ads from the 1950’s!

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If you’re anything like me (ouch, sorry to hear that), you read a lot of comic books from the 1950’s and are constantly depressed that most of the (patently awesome) things advertised in them are no longer available.

If you aren’t like me and don’t really peruse comics from 70 years ago, I can show you some of the wacky advertisements that appeared in those books!

Various “lose weight” schemes were pretty common in 1950’s, and while a lot were just cover-ups selling “vibrating weight loss machines for women”(not judging) there were some other more dubious schemes such as this one that is based around “Kelpidine” tablets that were exciting seaweed and maybe not super effective, and they didn’t even vibrate…
I am not 100% certain, but I am pretty sure that “CAN YOU Hold Your Fingers LIKE THIS? // WHY NOT Play the Guitar?” is some kind of logical fallacy (bonus points if you can confirm/correct that assumption). I am pretty sure not too many people were going to bust out Malaguena in 10 days…
Rings were a big deal, advertised many times in many forms. This sheet of cool rings (I’ll take a Chief Geronimo) may not be as famous as this ring, but I chose this image for the variety. Which is your favourite?
Maybe even more popular that weight-loss ads were weight gain ads. I guess seeing all of those tough guys doing tough stuff had an impression.
My favourite, random bric-a-brac!
Be honest, how do you measure up?
Oh buddy, I don’t smoke, but these almost make me want to! I mean, look at the Weichsel!
What’s better than bric-a-brac? KNICK-KNACKS. “Bag of Tricks” FREEE!? You just need to sell seeds. Tons of schemes, from magazines, to greeting cards, to shoes, to literally anything, advertisements for selling stuff for “prizes” seem like 50% of all comic book ads.
If you can read this and honestly not be at least mildly interested in at least one of these things, well, you suck.
It turns out that Irving Klaw was the real deal. RIP.
If you don’t know about the Kinsey Reports or the their history, you are missing out on some interesting stuff.
A Moroccan goatskin billfold valued at $10 for a mere $1.45?! Take my money!!

Well, what are you going to buy!?

All images public domain from Comic Book Plus. If you are interested in more weird comic book stuff from the past, you can also check out Comic Book Clippings which updates daily.

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