14 Times You Were Insulted in Final Fantasy VI*

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*in the World of Balance

I am going to assume, if you are reading this list, that you are at least somewhat familiar with the game Final Fantasy VI (or III as it was originally released in North America).

The game is now considered to be a cult favourite, and one of the reason that it has achieved this hallowed status is the witty writing (and somewhat controversial official translation of the game with Japanese Origins). Well I recently played through the (spoiler) World of Balance portion of the game and really enjoyed the various insults that were slung about, here are fourteen of them:

…you Pinhead!
I love classic insults and Kefka loves to dish them out. I like this one, although it is pretty mean to those that suffer from the origin of this insult...
Son of a submariner!
Is this even insulting? I have no idea, but, I do have an idea that it is a very popular little snippet from this game.
You thief!
No mystery here; however, this is particularly insulting for the character it is directed at as they are fairly sensitive about their larcenous habits…
You born on a farm, son?
I mean this is even more insulting because it is one of those inescapable rhetorical questions – if the answer is positive there is shame due to the apparent stigma associated with one’s origin, if negative than there is added insult due to the perceived like of tact – no winning available unless the subject just walks away. If you didn’t know…
Just a light-hearted little jab.
Are you stupid!?
A classic!
Ugly Brute…
A classic combined with a threat, nice!
What a bore.
Kefka never seems to not have some kind of insult at the ready.
Puffed up aerobics instructor…
I know that this video right here is what I think of when I see this!
…fuddy duddy…
I always thought that “dork” meant “whale penis” but apparently that is not true, but it does mean penis, so yeet I guess.
I’m not much for art either, but if you are for reading, maybe you could learn something about the term which doesn’t really fit in the Final Fantasy VI/III game world.
…vicious brat!
Another classic, and from someone who does some very not nice things, it is so strange to see such a relatively clean vocabulary.

Will there be a World of Ruin edition?

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