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10 Sea Mysteries from Classic Comic Books


Aside from the obvious craziness of pre-CCA comic books, one of the coolest things is that most are now public domain. Here is a selection of 10 Sea Mysteries from some Golden-Age books, curated from Comic Clippings.

Lighthouse on the Reef

Ghost ships and lighthouses are often featured. Also, who doesn’t want to live a life of seclusion away from society? Ever see The Lighthouse?

Annals of the Occult!

…but what happens next?! I mean, if the suspense is really bothering you, why not check out Adventures in the Unknown #88?!

Bride of the Crab

What girl wouldn’t want to be that guy’s fabulous bride?!

The Light that Lured!

That ship may be doomed, but your teeth are definitely doomed Mr. Lighthouse Keeper.

The Haunted Lighthouse

One thing that I have learned is that lighthouses are 100% haunted 100% of the time.


Violence, terror, cruelty, and death! What else do you need?!

War of the Seaguls

Fact: there is nothing safe on or near the ocean.

Corsair Queen: The Castle of Greed

Possibly the coolest lady ever.

Phantom of the Seas

Giant? Ghost? Both!? Yeah, we’re screwed…

I hope you liked this selection of creepy clippings about the sea. If you liked it, be sure to check out what else that site has, and if you are interested in reading some of these comics, they are available free at Comic Book Plus.

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